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We, Chris & K.T. Myles, started our "around the world" adventure on December 18, 2003 from Ventura, California.  Over 27,000 nautical miles, 24 countries, 2,018 days (5-1/2 yrs), and 20,000+ photos later we decided it was time to move back to land and start a new adventure ... a family.  With mixed feelings we have ended our cruise (in Turkey) and sold our trusty yacht, Billabong.

Be sure to check out
where we've been.

Are you getting ready to cruise?  Check out our What Works page on our Creative Cruising website to see what worked for us!

If you've enjoyed following this website you might also enjoy following us as we attempt to adjust to land-locked life and a newborn.  You can catch us at The Myles Crew.

Try out our interactive Google maps:  You can use these maps to browse our website and blogs as well as get more details about our routes and anchorages.

 Use the links below to get started:

Billabong's Route:  A flat view of our cruising routes to date, with links to our journals, blogs, and photographs by location.  This map also has links to an expanded tree view of available web content.  [No additional software required]

Google Earth:  Get even more details of our sailing route including passages, anchorages, day & nights at sea, and web content place marks.  [Google Earth Software required and can be downloaded here, it's free]


What's New on the Website

Latest News & Location

Updated 06/25/09


Announcement / New Blog
We might have sold Billabong but the fun isn't over! Sail billabong will remain here for those we still want to browse or enjoy the photos.


We have also started The Myles Crew blog which will highlight our blunders as we attempt to adjust back in the "real world" and stumble through our initiation into parenting.


In addition we will (one day soon) start updating our Photo and Cooking blogs more frequently.


Updated 09/19/08


Photo Albums

Finike Turkey & A few Day Trips
Photos from around Finike as well as a day trip to Marmaris and another to Kastelorizo, Greece.  (7MB)



For the next few months (over the winter) we will be staying mostly around Finike (plus a flight home to the States).  Since we don't have a lot to report, we will post most new news on our SV Billabong Blog (until the next cruising season starts). Note that the blog has its own subscription links if you are interested in knowing when it is updated.


And for food or photo fans we will be regularly updating our two other blogs:  Snaps360 and From the Galley.


Updated 08/19/08

Pages Added / revamped
Frequently Asked Questions
Over the last few years we've received a lot of questions about cruising, getting ready to cruise, and our lifestyle.  Finally, we've taken the time to post all the questions & answers for easy access to all!

Cruising Costs
EVERYBODY asks us how we afford to do this and what it costs ... well it's no longer a secret!


New Blogs
Yep, as if we didn't have enough "stuff" out there we have created two new Blogs:


A travel photography blog.  For those who prefer pictures over words - this blog is for you!  We are posting one photo or one slideshow per week - and picking those photos that mean the most to us.

From the Galley
Like to eat, cook, or just enjoy pretty food pictures?  Then you'll love this blog.  It's all about food and all things related.

Weekly Blog

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Where's Billabong?

Click on the map below for our latest reported location; viewed in Google Maps


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